Subnautica XBox One Release Date

Posted by acedude 8 years ago

Updated on April 1st

Subnautica is coming to XBox One’s ‘Preview Program’ on April 1st, 2016 some time around mid 2016, or possibly earlier. If you have an XBox and are interested in diving into the Subnautica ocean, this will be your first opportunity! To receive XBox-specific news updates, follow the new Subnautica Xbox One Twitter feed.

More information about the Xbox One Preview Program is available on the XBox website.

We originally planned to release on April 1st, but haven’t been able to hit that goal. Here’s some words from Charlie:

Hey guys,

Today is April fool’s, but this post is true. It’s hard to say ANYTHING today, but I will try anyways.

As you can probably tell from our tweets and the lack of Subnautica on XB1, we weren’t ready to release Subnautica on XB1 today. We had problems with frame-rate and streaming in loot and creatures fast enough, so we decided to hold off.

We really want to make sure we’re not compromising the game on consoles, so it’s going to take us a bit longer. I hope it will be worth the wait.


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