Subnautica Xbox One Launch Plans

Posted by acedude 6 years ago

Today is the big day for Subnautica on Steam. After five years of development, Subnautica is ready for release on PC. But what about Xbox One? We still have more work to do.

Today, at about 6.30pm PST, we are releasing an update on Xbox One that brings the Xbox version of Subnautica very, very close to the launch version on Steam. Even though Subnautica has not technically ‘launched’ on Xbox One, Xbox players still have all the latest goodies that Steam players do.

We want to take more time with the Xbox One version of Subnautica, because we don’t think performance and stability on Xbox One is up to the standards of a released title. We aren’t sure when we will ‘launch’ on Xbox One, but we will be working hard on doing so as quickly as possible.

In the mean time, please enjoy all the features, bug-fixes, and performance enhancements in today’s update.

– Hugh

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