Subnautica Earliest Access

Posted by charlie 10 years ago

Since creating the first underwater prototype in January of 2013, I’ve been obsessed with the underwater and the unknown. Actually, this obsession goes back much farther than that, which is why you can feel its influence in the name of our company, Unknown Worlds. I really wanted to make games that take players to fantastic, rich, alien worlds.

Now the Subnautica team has been growing like mad. From just me, to over 25. Along the way, we’ve made quite a few prototypes to help us “find the fun” in this strange game about being a scientist on a submerged alien planet. It’s now our pleasure to share those with you.

These prototypes will unlock at a rate of one per day until the final “prototype”, our current in-development version of the game, is released on Halloween next week. This is often a big day for us, as it was the day we released Natural Selection 1, Natural Selection 2 and now Subnautica.

This is a very rough nugget, but one we have grown to love and put a lot of belief and hope into. In the spirit of staying as close to our community as possible, we want to share this with you so we can shape it together into something truly special. There’s lots of game coming still.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

  • Buy the Earliest Access version of Subnautica. If you’re in the first 10,000, you’ll get a special limited edition numbered sub hull plate. Everyone will get the soundtrack.
  • Play our internal gameplay prototypes that we used to get here. New ones unlock every day.
  • Play the first actual Steam build next Friday (October 31st). See how far we’ve come and how far we have to go.
  • Keep playing as it evolves rapidly. We are going to try weekly or even daily updates (if you can stomach it).
  • Submit lots of feedback using our in-game tool or the forums.

This is your chance not to play a finished, static, AAA game, but to witness and participate in the birth of a new game.

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