Subnautica Update 85 Released

Posted by acedude 6 years ago

Hi everyone! Today we’ve got another post-launch Subnautica update for you. Update 85 is now available on Steam.

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Right now at Unknown Worlds we’re experimenting with a potential Subnautica expansion and potential new games. We’re also working on fixing bugs in Subnautica. Update 85 contains a bunch of those bug fixes:

  • Fixed ingredient tooltip sometimes only showing the first three ingredients
  • Fixed Cyclops upgrade station text display
  • Fixed Cyclops upgrade station depth module icons
  • Fixed Cyclops thermal upgrade icon
  • Fixed physics bug with luggage bags in Cyclops
  • Fixed exiting vehicles while in ESC menu
  • Fixed enzyme cure ball being pickupable
  • Fixed kyanite crystal model
  • Fixed build drones bug with mobile vehicle bay
  • Fixed exosuit animation bug
  • Updated lots of translations

Please keep sending us your feedback! Subnautica will never be an entirely bug free game, but with your feedback we can continue to fix some of the worst bugs.

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