Subnautica Update 8 Released!

Posted by acedude 9 years ago

The Stasis Rifle, Save & Load, the experimental Terraformer, Bleeders, Bonesharks, and more: A new Subnautica update is available on Steam! Grab a copy of Subnautica Early Access to play. Here’s a video that runs through some of the major additions:


Tell us what you think about Update 8 here on the forums, via the in-game feedback system, on Twitter, and wherever else you can find us!

The Stasis Rifle allows you to fire a stasis field, freezing any life form trapped inside. This is pretty useful for getting around dangerous creatures!


The terraformer is an experimental tool that allows you to mess with Subnautica’s voxel terrain. Hold shift and right click to gather material, and then right click to place it almost anywhere you want.


We’ve rebuilt the guts of the main menu. It still isn’t very pretty, but the rewrite lets us do cool stuff like have a functional news section, and, that’s right, load saved games.


Subnautica now has save & load functionality. To save, press escape to open the in-game menu, and hit save.


Pipes can be placed to create a chain of air leading down into the depths. You can use pipes to supply air to keep you breathing underwater for longer…


… For example, you could supply air to a cave system!


Craft beacons, and carry them with you while you explore. When you find an interesting place you’d like to revisit, you can deploy a beacon. The beacon will then show up on your hud as a pinger, much like the life pod.


The new Airbladder allows you to control your bouyancy. Activate the air bladder when you want to quickly return to the surface – For air, or perhaps to escape a hostile life form.


There’s a new dangerous life form lurking in the deep. Watch out for bleeders: Get to close, and these critters will suck the blood right out of your arm.


Tweaks under the hood of the inventory system make dumping unwanted loot much easier.


Spend some time exploring some of the ocean’s deeper areas, and you’ll probably encounter the new Bone Shark. Just don’t get too close, as like the Stalker, this guy wants to take your head off.


Craft a Compass and put it in your inventory to bet a North South East West indicator on your Head Up Display.


Speaking of the HUD, revamped elements now give numerical feedback on health and oxygen status. This also makes it easier to see how much oxygen equipped tanks are providing.


Building a current generator lets you direct streams of water wherever you want: They’ll push you around, and any creatures caught in the flow too!

As always, this post doesn’t capture everything that went in to the update. Check out the Trello board and Checkin & Changes list to see a full smorgasboard of everything that changed between Update’s 7 & Update 8. Sign up to the Subnautica Dev Update mailing list to get notified when Update 9 is released!

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