Subnautica Troubleshooting & Technical Support

Subnautica Troubleshooting & Technical Support

“Help! I need technical support. Subnautica is broken!”  Never fear, help is available. We want to make Subnautica work for you!

If you are playing on Xbox One, visit the Subnautica Xbox One forums.

If you are playing on Steam, visit the Subnautica Technical Support Forum and use the Subnautica Troubleshooting Guide.

Subnautica developers often visit both Xbox and Steam forums. Even if we don’t reply, rest assured it is very likely that we have seen an issue being reported, and are working to resolve it. We keep a Subnautica Bug Tracker on Trello. Visit the bug tracker to see which issues we are aware of and working to resolve.

Subnautica Technical Support Troubleshooting