Subnautica PS4 Update 1.07 Released

Posted by acedude 5 years ago

Good news, PlayStation subnauts! Update 1.07 has been released. We’ve been working hard to address one of the most painful issues for PlayStation players: Crashes caused by Subnautica sucking up too much memory. 1.07 doesn’t fix all crashing, but we have eliminated lots of crashes in the end-game sequence.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Photo albums now save properly
  • Removed a false wall in the Aurora locker room
  • Seamoth docking now more reliable
  • Optimizations to address memory related crashes in end game

In addition, we have added more descriptive messages for game-saving errors. If you encounter an error saving or loading a game, please let us know on the forums, or on Twitter. Include the error description, and that will help us track down the root cause of save issues.

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Thanks for playing, we hope you enjoy diving in 1.07.



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