Subnautica Pre-Alpha Screenshots Continued!

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Subnautica Pre-Alpha Screenshot

Right now, it is day 3 of PAX East 2014. Hundreds of PAX attendees are playing a pre-alpha, early version of Subnautica for the first time inside the Unknown Worlds booth. To celebrate, we are releasing more in-game screenshots! See the first two in Fridays reveal post.

Subnautica Pre-Alpha Screenshots

Subnautica Pre-Alpha Screenshot: Koosh Bush Zone

This is the Koosh Bush Zone – An area of the environment featuring lots of different sizes of Koosh bush, among which creatures dart about. These glowing, pulsating orbs are examples of the multitudes of unique flora that Subnuatica will feature. Note that the little turquoise balls on the Koosh bush are glowing – Sure to be a spectacular light show when the sun goes down…

Subnautica Screenshots Pre-Alpha

Subnautica Pre-Alpha: Grassy Plateau

Being underwater means Subnautica’s environments can take on wonderful vertical freedom: Even shallow areas like this grassy plateau can feature towering geographical features, all of which can present opportunities for exploration. Ahead of the player, at the lower left, sits a Jumper – A unique creature that many PAX attendees have enjoyed playing with as it leaps across the sea floor, watching the player with its downward facing eye.

All four of the screenshots we have revealed this weekend come from Subnautica in a playable state, they are not staged, static constructions. These are early days: Only a tiny fraction of environments, creatures, game mechanics, equipment, graphical features and technical systems are implemented. Subnautica has lots of development time ahead, we hope these screenshots have given you an appealing first taste of what you are in for…

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