Subnautica PlayStation Update 1.08 Released

Posted by acedude 5 years ago

PlayStation divers, we have a little update for you today. 1.08 has been released! 1.08 contains two changes.

First, we have fixed a painful issue with saved games. Before 1.08, Subnautica on PlayStation would fail to display an existing saved-game, and freeze when attempting to save a new one. The only solution was to delete the original, unseen saved game. This issue is now fixed.

Second, Japanese & Korean fonts now render properly. In the past, they would not display at all. This was… sub-optimal. You can now experience Subnautica with proper Japanese and Korean kanji! 🇯🇵🇰🇷

Enjoy, and be sure to follow @SubnauticaPS on Twitter, Subnautica PlayStation on Facebook, and sign up to the PlayStation development newsletter! We’ll let you know as soon as the next Subnautica update is released on PlayStation.

– Unknown Worlds


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