Subnautica OSX Test Version Available

Posted by acedude 9 years ago
Subnautica OSX

Until now, Subnautica has only run on Microsoft Windows. It is not a trivial exercise to make a game run on multiple operating systems, but we would like as many people as possible to have the opportunity to play Subnautica. As of today, it is possible to run Subnautica on Apple OS X!

Max, Jonas & others have worked hard to make this happen. We are not sure yet if we can officially support and maintain a separate OS X version of Subnautica. It could be lots of extra work, or not too much. To work out which it is, we need your help!

Subnautica OSX

Subnautica running in OSX Yosemite

If you have an Apple computer, and you own Subnautica, please try playing the game on it. Tell us if it works, if it runs badly, if it crashes, if it stutters. Tell us if the graphics are all messed up, or if the game causes your computer to spontaneously combust. Check out the development feedback Steam Guide for all the ways you can contact us.

To run Subnautica on OS X, open Steam and then go to Subnautica in your Steam library. Control click it, and select properties. Go to the ‘betas’ tab, and select ‘experimental’ from the drop down menu. This will cause an OS X version of Subnautica to begin downloading.

Subnautica OSX

Properties > Betas > Experimental

On many Macs Subnautica will likely take quite some time to load. You may see the loading screen appear to be stuck, or the spinning pinwheel appear. Please be patient, and do not click the window. Give it at least four minutes before attempting a force quit. In the majority of cases Subnautica will eventually load.

Subnautica OSX

You may have to wait on this screen for some time

If you do not yet own Subnautica, but would like to play it on your Mac, we do not recommend buying Subnautica now. We do not known for sure that we will maintain an OS X version. If it turns out that lots of Apple computers explode after running Subnautica, we may have to return to only supporting Windows.

However, we are quietly confident. In about a week, we will make a decision and let you know. If all goes well Subnautica will receive the ‘SteamPlay’ icon on Steam, and OS X users will be able to join their Windows comrades in exploring the Subnautica ocean.

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