Subnautica now available on Oculus Home

Posted by acedude 8 years ago

Subnautica is now available on the Oculus Home storefront. This is the native store for the newly released Oculus Rift. Subnautica is one of five Early Access titles on the Oculus Home Store. This is very exciting for the development team, as it is the first time Unknown Worlds has released a launch title on a platform.


Got an Oculus Rift? You can now fire up the Oculus Home Store and buy Subnautica in there. If you already own Subnautica on Steam, you can also play your Steam version of Subnautica with the Oculus Rift. Because of some Reasons(TM), it will be a few days before the Steam version of Subnautica is working properly on Oculus, but we are working on it!

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