Subnautica Living Large Update Released

Posted by Donya 1 year ago

Hello Subnauts,

We’re delighted to bring you the long-awaited 2.0 update to Subnautica across all platforms.

This update has been a labor of love for the entire Subnautica team. As you might have seen in some of our previous blog posts, a lot of time has been spent addressing a ton of tech debt and bringing across some improved code from Below Zero.

Our goal was always to bring both Subnautica and Below Zero onto unified versions of Unity, and with today’s update, that goal has been achieved. By doing this, we’ve been able to implement several quality of life features, fix many outstanding bugs, and introduce some performance improvements that were already available in Below Zero.

We’ve also added some base pieces to Subnautica that were previously only available in Below Zero, specifically the Large Room, Glass Dome, and surface hatches. Now you can make your bases even more epic than before!

On top of these changes, we’ve also refactored and optimized our save system, which means it’s now even faster and more reliable to save and retrieve your save.

Other additions include: 

  • Adding the TextMeshPro plugin, to improve UI readability and visual quality
  • Adding an ‘Unstuck’ button to the menu to help get you out of some sticky situations
  • Bringing over PDA pause, the ability to disable light flashes, and item bars from Below Zero

As for bug fixes, we’ve closed out over 800 in total, including multiple issues related to base building (server clipping, deconstructing buildings whilst inside them), vehicle navigation and piloting.

If you’re not quite ready to move to the new update, because you’re using mods on your save file or otherwise, you can also roll back to the ‘legacy’ beta on Steam to continue playing. Just head to ‘Properties,’ then ‘Betas,’ and choose ‘legacy’ from the drop down. You should do this before you open your save file to play.

We really hope that all of these changes make your Subnautica experience even better than ever! And as some eagle-eyed fans might have spotted, we might have some more exciting news for you in the new year.

But for now, enjoy, and happy diving!

Unknown Worlds



All Platforms

  • Improved font rendering to increase UI readability and visual quality
  • Adds accessibility features: UI scaling, PDA pause, option to disable light flashes 
  • Item bars
  • Adds pinned recipes
  • Adds run mode
  • Improved Air Bladder functionality
  • Adds the Large Room and Glass Dome base pieces from Subnautica: Below Zero
  • Adds Land Hatches from Subnautica: Below Zero
  • Pings are now visible when piloting the Cyclops
  • Save system improvements
  • Improved performance 
  • Improved subtitles sync
  • Loading screen improvements
  • Intro skipping improvements
  • Various performance optimizations
  • Improved control mapping, for things like transferring items between inventory and storage
  • Fixed some creatures not spawning properly
  • Fixes for some VFX issues
  • Fixed multiple terrain streaming issues (vehicles/items falling through)
  • Fixed multiple issues related to base-building, vehicles
  • Fixes for many possible photosensitive issues
  • … And many more various bug fixes! 



  • Changed how the dev menu is accessed to SHIFT + `
  • Fixed jittery movement on land
  • Less likely to get stuck in Alien Bases while operating the Prawn
  • Added an option to limit FPS
  • Added Cloud Save Support
  • Legacy Steam branch for Mod Integrity 
  • Fixed VR frame lag in PDA UI screen movement 
  • Fixed a VR issue with player orientation being slanted in some scenarios
  • Fixed Sunbeam countdown timer not showing up in VR
  • Fixed VR Main Menu prompts on selecting and interacting with the menu



  • Adds Portuguese (Portugal), Ukrainian and Spanish (Latin America) official support
  • Adds trophy translations for Finnish, Swedish, Chinese (Sim), Portuguese (Portugal), Spanish (Latin America)
  • Fix for Scanner Room not showing option to scan items
  • Fix for dying from fire damage repeatedly if died in intro cinematic
  • Fix for several items repairing automatically with save/load in some circumstances



  • Fix for the PDA Blueprints tab scrolling down and up by itself
  • Adds Ukrainian & Portuguese (Portugal) official support
  • Adds translations for trophies in Ukrainian, Portuguese (Portugal)


Windows Store (Coming soon)

  • Added an option to limit FPS
  • Adds Portuguese (Portugal) official support
  • Adds Ukrainian unofficial support
  • Adds achievements in a number of languages
  • Fixed Graphical Corruption when approaching Alien Bases on Low Preset


Xbox One, Xbox Series (Coming soon)

  • Adds Portuguese (Portugal) official support
  • Adds Ukrainian unofficial support
  • Adds achievements in a number of languages


Nintendo Switch

  • Improvements to Switch-specific UI/UX controls
  • Adds Portuguese (Portugal) official support
  • Adds Ukrainian unofficial support
  • Removed dev menu
  • Fix for moon rendering issues
  • Fix for “Read More” showing error
  • Fix for controls updating correctly for Pro controller after attaching Joy-Cons to a Switch in TV mode
  • Fix for some Cyclops modules breaking after the player has saves, quits, then loads back in

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