Subnautica Launch Livestream

Posted by acedude 6 years ago

Hi everyone! Subnautica is now only days away from launch. We couldn’t have created this game without your help, and we would be thrilled if you would join us to celebrate. On Tuesday, we’re holding a launch livestream where we can all come together and cheer Subnautica on its way.

Check out the launch livestream site to see when the stream starts in your time zone. Europeans will probably find that the stream is not at a good hour: Don’t fret, we will post the video on straight away.

Please note, this is not a physical party. You can’t travel to California for the launch, there won’t be any party for you to attend. The stream is being broadcast from an aquarium in Monterey, but the site is strictly private and if you turn up the aquarium will not admit you. We mention this because several players have asked us for directions, tickets, and other things that would be needed if there was actually a physical event happening.

We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

– Hugh

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