Subnautica Dangerous Creatures Update Released!

Posted by Jessica 7 years ago

A new Subnautica update is available on Steam! The massive Sea Dragon Leviathan and terrifying Warper are now prowling the depths. There’s a third abandoned sea-base to investigate, a new Reinforced Dive Suit to wear, a gorgeous Tree Cove environment to explore, and more: Check out the Dangerous Creatures update site to see all the update goodness.

This is a Steam update. To find out when PRAWN is available on Xbox One, sign up to the Xbox One development mailing list, and follow @SubnauticaXbox on Twitter.

You’re already familiar with other Leviathan-class creatures, but Sea Dragon is a special beast. Our recommendation when dealing with these massive beasts is to avoid them at all costs.


Adding to the list of mysteries is the Warper. It disappears as quickly as it appears and it with it come a unique set of problems.


The Lost River zone grows with the Tree Cove, which features a mesmerizing, massive tree with the new peaceful Ghost Ray gliding around it.


The third and final abandoned base makes it’s appearance in this update.


The new inhabitants of this base, Crabsquids, now administer a nasty EMP wave when agitated.


Is it hot in here or is that just us? The temperatures in Subnautica rise this update. Unprepared explorers will now experience damage if found in areas that are dangerously hot. We recommend the new Reinforced Dive suit!


Kyanite joins the growing list of resources. Used in crafting the PRAWN Suit Jump Jet Upgrade and the Thermal Reactor.


Last (but not least), the walk/sprint animations get a polish, the build menu gets reorganized, and the main menu get’s a fancy new 3D logo!

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