Subnautica Concept Art: Gasopod

Posted by acedude 9 years ago
Subnautica Gasopod

Of all the creature concepts floating around the Subnautica ocean, I feel as though the Gasopod is the most misunderstood. See here the revulsion as a diver enters a cloud of goop discharged by the creature:


It is as though the diver is rejecting the goop. Whatever it is. Maybe it is acidic, eating in the their face mask. Maybe it is interfering with their re-breather. Whatever it is doing, has anyone stopped to consider how the Gasopod feels in all of this?


We should all try to approach the Gasopod with a friendlier attitude, and not turn up our flippers at the offputting gunk being discharged from its rear end. We should be more inclusive, and open minded, about rear-end gunk.

The Gasopod model ready for inclusion in Subnautica

The Gasopod model ready for inclusion in Subnautica

Unless of course the Gasopod is trying to kill you. In which case: Swim away. Swim away very, very fast.

Download a hi-res version of the Gasopod Concept right here.

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