Subnautica Bones Update Released!

Posted by Jessica 7 years ago

A new Subnautica update is available on Steam! The Lost River zone nears completion in this update with additions to areas throughout. Wander from the Bone Fields to the Lava Zone Connection or out to the Ghost Forest, there will be plenty to see along the way. Check out the Bones Update site to see all the update goodness.

This is a Steam update. To find out when the Bones Update is available on Xbox One, sign up to the Xbox One development mailing list, and follow @SubnauticaXbox on Twitter.

The Lost River zone grows with four improved zones: the Bone Fields, the Ghost Forest, the Lava Zone Connection, and the Lost River Junction.

Introducing the River Prowler, a new creature part of the Bones Field in the Lost River zone. This aggressive creature is not to be taken lightly.

Another mysterious area in the Lost River zone also appears…


Reefbacks now spawn with reefs on (you guessed it) their backs! There are several variations and sometimes you might even see baby Reefbacks alongside them.

Mesmer abilities have been improved to be even more mesmerizing.

Use pipes to bring air to areas either using the Pipe Floater or the Pipe Base Connector. Pipes can be built 5 at a time using a Fabricator.

The Reinforced Dive suit and the Still suit now have their own unique models.

Lastly, Subnautica now works on the HTC Vive!

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