Subnautica Art Tour

Posted by acedude 9 years ago

Subnautica is an underwater adventure game. It is also a big, complicated collection of computer code, 3d models, sound recordings, and all sorts of other bits and pieces. Subnautica’s 3D models are created by 3d art studio Fox3D. After creation, many of these models are uploaded to SketchFab. This means we can peak at them outside the game. For example, here is a model of a potential future creature, the Warper:

You can rotate, zoom, and re-position these models using the SketchFab viewer embedded above. The Warper is just the beginning! There all sorts of 3D models on the Fox3D Subnautica Sketchfab page. Here are a few more – Some of them are screenshots, others are embedded viewers. Head over to the Sketchfab page to access all of them in 3D.

The Crab Squid is massive! Not everything you see here will make it into Subnautica. Some models are never used – Just like some computer code, sounds, and animations are tried but then left out of the game. Perhaps the Crab Squid will end up in Subnautica – I wonder what it would be like to encounter it in the ocean depths?


Blood Kelp – View the 3D model

Blood Kelp is one of several ‘blood’ variants of existing Subnautica flora. It might arrive in an imminent update.

A Botanical Analysis Machine could be used to open up new crafting and research possibilities. Chat with Charlie about it on Twitter.


Moon Pool Exterior – View the 3D model

The Moon Pool expands the array of available sea base components. If it is put into the game, it will allow a Seamoth to ‘dry dock’ inside a sea-base. Here is a model of the interior:

The Moon Pool is not the only potential new base component. Here is the observatory:


Observatory – View 3D Model

There are many, many more models available for viewing on the Fox3D Sketchfab page. Which ones would you most like to see make it into Subnautica?

– Hugh

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