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New Upgrades

Terrain Scanning Sonar

Upgrade your Heads up Display on the helm with this upgrade to highlight nearby topography with brief sonar readings.

Emergency Shields

Install the Shield upgrade to add 15 seconds of protection from attacks. Keep in mind this feature has a serious energy cost.

Fire Suppression

Put out fires on the ship with the click of a button. A useful upgrade if exploring areas rich in aggressive creatures.

New Cyclops UI

Refreshed UI on all displays makes interacting with the Cyclops that much easier. This includes the Engine Room Health Display, the Vehicle Modification console, the Heads Up Display, and more.

Holographic Status

A new holographic status display of the Cyclops shows damaged areas and onboard fire locations. Useful to keep an eye on when under attack by aggressors.

Creature Detection

Keep an eye out for nearby creatures that might take an interest in your Cyclops by watching the new sonar projection on the HUD of the helm.

Don't Get Wrecked

Navigate the waters carefully, as your Cyclops is now significantly more vulnerable than before. Not only do creatures take an interest in your machine, but once damaged, the Cyclops can become wrecked. Take precautions necessary to mitigate emergencies onboard your ship. Luckily, Fire Extinguishers now have fancy wall holsters to aid in your firefighting. Use the Holographic Status display to monitor for damage and fires. Once the Cyclops reaches hull strength of zero, it will become wrecked. It can be salvaged for materials used in building add-ons later, but the machine itself can no longer be repaired or deconstructed.


Launch decoys to attract the attention of otherwise dangerous creatures. Additional decoys can be fabricated and there is an upgrade to increase the capacity from one to five. Decoys can also be used outside the Cyclops as well.

New Game UI

A lot of changes to the UI are headed to Subnautica, starting with the Heads up Display showing health, food, water, oxygen, and depth meter. This update also brings a new compass and refreshed icons for many resources. In coming updates, more and more elements of the UI will be replaced with final designs.
See Icon Examples

Resource Models

Many resources are getting their final models; Such as aluminum, nickel, lithium, and more.

Creature Eggs

Some eggs are getting new models and some eggs are completely new to Subnautica in this update. The Crabsnake and Sea Dragon eggs now have new models. This update introduces Crabsquid eggs and Lava Lizard eggs.


Databoxes have been placed throughout the world and can be found in lifepods and wrecks. They contain data chips to instantly unlock specific blueprints.

Other Additions

  • Turn on Fade Objects from the Options menu to prevent objects from popping into view as they load.
  • Upgrade your Cyclops with the Vehicle Repair upgrade to fix anything stored in the Cyclops Vehicle Bay.

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