Schedule for Xbox Bones Update

Posted by acedude 7 years ago
Subnautica Xbox One

Short Version:

Very high chance of release between 2nd & 6th of January.

Proper Version:

Hi everyone! We’ve been working to release the Bones Update Xbox for quite some time now. Charlie recently posted this explanation on the forums:

“Getting the XB1 version of Subnautica running as well as the PC version has been a HUGE amount of work. We vastly underestimated it. Max and Jonas have been working on it pretty much full-time for months and there’s still a lot to do. Jonas just did finished a big rewrite of a system that, although it won’t improve performance much right now, was necessary in order for us to make more improvements later.

We now have a ‘build’ (A version of the game) that we’re confident is ready for release. Given it is holiday season, the earliest we can hope to release the update is in the week of the 2nd of January. We would like release day to be the 3rd.

As usual, we can’t promise and nothing in game development is a sure bet. However, this is the most confident we’ve yet been that we’re ready to release Bones on Xbox One.

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– Hugh

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