Power Nap Update Released

Posted by acedude 8 years ago

The Power Nap Update has been released on Steam! This update is for Steam users only. We also have an update coming for Xbox One. To be notified when we update on Xbox, subscribe the the Subnautica Xbox mailing list.

Check out the Power Nap Update site to see all the juicy, energizing details about what’s included.

Recharge your batteries using the new Battery Charger. The Battery Charger can be used to recharge exhausted batteries for flashlights, light arrays, and more.


Have depleted powercells as well? You can also create Powercell Charger for all your powercell charging needs.


Time to rest your weary head on your new bed. Three options for beds make all your Habitat dreams come true. Complete with laying-down animation.


Follow around Gasopods and pick up their gas orbs as materials for the new gas torpedo. Once you have some gas pods and titanium, head over to the Seamoth upgrade station to make your torpedoes. These missiles release a cloud of toxic gas upon impact.


Sea Treaders are Subnautica’s gentle giants. As they tread along, they drop basalt rocks and (sometimes) manure. The latter can be used for bio-energy!

You’ve seen them around but not like this — Introducing the final model for the Solar Panels! Just when you thought solar energy couldn’t get any better.


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Thanks for playing, and happy diving!


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