Hanging Stingers

Posted by acedude 9 years ago

Swimming in open water can be a pretty nerve wracking experience. Back in my home town,  a Great White shark was hauled out of the water off a popular beach just this week. The only unusual part of the story was that it was dead – These giant predators are always around. That’s one of the core fears of open water swimming: What’s underneath me, that I don’t know about?

Even when swimming out on the ocean, there’s one unfailing truth: As long as the sea is calm, you can always swim to the surface. But what if there is no surface? What if the only thing above you is rock? For many people, cave diving, or swimming through any enclosed space, is a total mood-killer.


A cave with a Crash and ‘shrooms visible

Subnautica features lots of caves. Michael, Russell, Jake and Oli have dug out all sorts of sub-seafloor caverns, tunnels and chambers for you to explore. At the moment, the primary risk of cave exploration is running out air. By crafting two extra oxygen tanks, you can get quit far into most cave systems. But apart from the pesky Crash, there’s not that much in there to stop you proceeding further. These critters might change that:


Subnautica Hanging Stinger concept art by Cory

We’re not sure what this creature’s behaviour will be, but judging by that tentacle, I’m betting it won’t be very pretty. It reminds me a little bit of a jellyfish stinger. I’ve had enough close encounters with those to instinctively want to dive the Hanging Stinger a wide berth. Find out how the Stinger will behave in game by checking on this Trello card: https://trello.com/c/fjbJu9yk/2936-define-hanging-stinger-behaviour.

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