Habitat Update Released

Posted by acedude 9 years ago

The Habitat Update is now available! Build an underwater home with Moon Pools, Observatories, large compartments, bulkhead doors, and more. Head over to the Habitat Update website to see all the new features in action, or stay on this page to see an update video, and screenshots.


Steam will automatically download the Habitat Update. Don’t have Subnautica in your Steam library yet? Get a copy of Subnautica in the Steam Store.

Subnautica Moon Pool

Inside a Moon Pool

The Moon Pool is the new king of sea-base components. This massive structure can be used to dry-dock a Seamoth submersible. The Moon Pool can be customised to your preference with reinforcements, windows, and multiple attachment points for corridors.

Subnautica Observatory

Place and Observatory to view the world all around your sea-base

Subnautica features a diverse array of unique, beautiful underwater biomes. Thanks to the new Observatory, it is now possible to enjoy the view from the safety of a sea-base.


Large compartments grant increased sea-base interior volume

Large compartments provide lots of interior space. They include eight attachment points for the connection of corridors, dive hatches, windows, reinforcements, and other base modules.


Inside a large compartment

Large compartments can be stacked, and ladders built between their decks.

The small locker, with customisable labels

The small locker, with customisable labels

Small lockers are a new storage option. They can be placed on sea-base walls, and feature a customisable label on the door.


The label editor in action

Speaking of labels, it is now possible to create customised base signage. Use the builder tool to place a label, and then enter any text. Labels can be various sizes, have arrows, and include different background options.


Sit down! A bench place in a large compartment

Benches can be placed in sea bases. Sitting on a bench will stop hunger and thirst levels from increasing when playing in survival mode. Protip: Put a bench in an Observatory, and watch the underwater world swim by!

Aquariums bring the ocean inside

Aquariums bring the ocean inside

Sea-bases keep the ocean out. Water in a base is usually a very bad sign. But the Aquarium can be used to bring some in safely! Place an Aquarium and then put fish in it to create a zen decoration, or storage tank for creatures under study.


A vertical connector in action

Vertical connectors allow the creation of multiple sea-base decks. They can extend corridors and compartments above and below existing levels. Build ladders inside to allow traversal between decks.


Solar panels feeding power to a large compartment

All these new base gizmos require power. A Moon Pool is a giant swimming pool unless it is fed electricity. The new power system allows the placement of various power generators, including solar panels and nuclear reactors.


Inside a glass corridor

Glass corridors provide new sea-base construction options. Structurally weaker than standard corridors, the provide panoramic views of the underwater world outside.



Operating a bulkhead door

Wouldn’t be a shame to build a giant new sea-base, only to see it flooded due to damage? Stop flooding in its tracks using bulkhead doors. These doors can be placed between almost all types of compartments.

Find out more about the Habitat Update on the dedicated update website!

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