H2.O Stability Update

Posted by acedude 8 years ago

Hi everyone! A few days ago, we released the H2.O update. As usual, we aimed to release an update with zero bugs and perfect stability. Just like all other game developers do. Unfortunately, we fell a little short. H2.O had a few problems. For example, certain AMD Radeon graphics cards have been experiencing crashes. Some players have been… spinning uncontrollably.

Today we have released a small update that addresses some of these issues:


  • Fixed uncontrollable spinning.
  • Fixed blurry PDA icons.
  • Fixed a crash on certain Radeon cards.
  • Fixed flare FX when picked up.
  • Toggle-able lights now save state
  • Improved translations


The update will download automatically via Steam.

We will continue to work to improve the H2.O update, and Subnautica Early Access in general. If you are running into problems, check out the Subnautica Troubleshooting Guide. Running through the steps therein just might get you swimming again!


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