Ghost Update Video

Enzyme 42

The Enzyme balls left by baby Emperors make it finally possible to cure yourself.

Deactivating the Array

Using the blood drawing terminal in the control room of the Quarantine Enforcement Platform allows the Precursor Array to be fully deactivated once you’ve successfully cured yourself.

PDA Improvements


More and more encylopedia entires have their final art images to accompany the vibrant descriptions of flora and fauna in Subnautica.

Drag & Drop

Rearrange your inventory with drag and drop - A simple, yet game-changing addition to your PDA organization.


New tooltips added to show information such as ingredients required when hovering over an item.

Reaper Before
Reaper After

Reaper Texture Updates

The Reaper is now sporting a shiny, new texture. But, we don't recommend getting close enough to see it.

Exiting the Lifepod

Two fancy new animations have been added for the very first moment you exit the Lifepod into the vast world of Subnautica, either through the top or bottom hatch.

Cyclops 4.0

  • Built in lockers increased from 3x4 to 3x6.
  • Bonehsarks, River Prowlers, and Lava Lizards will no longer attack and damage the Cyclops.
  • Upgrade console increased from 4 to 6 slots.
  • Thermal Charger upgrade increased in efficiency.
  • Shields no longer have a time limit and now just toggleable on and off with a constant power drain tradeoff.
  • Silent Running ability no longer has a time limit and cooldown. Now toggleable now with a constant power drain tradeoff.
  • Decoys changed from 3x3s to 2x2s. Copper wire ingredient requirement has also been removed.
  • Light has been range increased and they no longer affect creature aggression.
  • Lava Larva show up on Cyclops holographic damage display.

Final Models

Power Transmitter

Sea Treader Poop

Containment Facility Changes

Level designers, programmers, and artists have been working on the Primary Containment Facility since the last release which caused an unfortunate problem: That area needed to be reset to get all the changes and additions into saved games. However, to prevent players who saved their game inside the Facility from being locked in, we made it so that the doors open up temporarily when approached from the inside.

We also had to reset the entire Emperor Leviathan sequence, including the baby hatching. This means, sadly, that blue key artifacts, ion crystals, and crafted hatching enzymes placed in PCF terminals will have to be crafted again. It's not ideal, but the alternative would have been to be stuck in a game where you can't cure yourself and enjoy the end game sequences.

But hey, at least we were able to keep those activated teleporters working, so traveling to gather ingredients should be easy. That's something!

As usual, new games are unaffected by any of this. Saved games where the player hasn't reached the prison yet remain unaffected. We really hope you like the updates to the PCF as much as we do and find the extra hassle worth it!

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