Grow Alien Flora Anywhere You Choose

7 new xenobiology blueprints have been added. Growbeds and plant pots enable both small scale and mass production of alien flora, indoors and out. Decorate your habitat interior, grow life-sustaining fruits, or study alien specimens for medicinal and other applications.

Exterior Grow Bed

Interior Grow Bed

Grow Beds

The synthetic soil used in contemporary flora growbeds is capable of supporting 99.5% of all known plantlife. Exterior growbeds are designed for use on land and in oceanic environments, and have been routinely deployed in both scientific and colonization missions.

Wall Planters and Plant Pots

Designed for use exclusively in climate controlled interiors, planters and plant pots allow for convenient access to flora specimens. Most land-based plants can be supported, and both botanical and decorative applications are recommended.

Wall Planter

Plant Pots

Large Aquarium

The large aquarium provides optimal conditions for oceanic plant and animal life. It can be built within standard room modules, stacked for greater capacity, and entered via side-mounted hatches (built separately). Alien lifeforms of varying sizes can be captured and stored, or grown from eggs in controlled conditions designed to match their optimal environment.

Traces of the Past


ANALYST: Ma'am! We can't find a way to flash the data!

CONTROLLER: Look me in the eye and say that again.

ANALYST: There's no room for the farming blueprints. What are your orders?!

CONTROLLER: Get me a list of every ship that's gone missing in that system for the last 30 years.

Abandoned Bases

While many planets in the galaxy are uncharted, few are completely untouched. Scouting of the local environment for salvageable materials and technologies is essential in survival scenarios. Salvaged PDAs can be repowered and viable files downloaded to the data bank.

Light up Your World

Flood Light

The standard issue floodlight is battery-powered, and designed to focus a bright beam of light in a single direction, useful in all kinds of industrial and emergency operations. Functions in all known environments. The battery is replaceable.


A mobile, battery-powered LED light, which provides low-level lighting in a 360 degree area. Can be attached to most surfaces.

Spot Light

The spotlight can be installed on any habitat foundation, and automatically rotates on a 180 degree angle. May be used to alert crewmembers to threats, or illuminate exterior installations and excavations.

Location-Accurate Lighting

Realtime lighting reflection has been upgraded. Where entities previously reflected the same environment, they will now be consistent with their surroundings.

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