Farming Update Released!

Posted by acedude 8 years ago

A brand new Subnautica update is available on Steam! This is the Farming Update, and it allows you to build underwater farms. To see what’s inside, check out the Farming Update site.

New “Grow Boxes” can be used inside or outside sea bases. Over twenty-five different seed types can be placed in these boxes. Flowers, fruits, vegetables, trees, and even some plants that will try to kill you…



Seeds can also be planted in a variety of pots – Both on the floor of bases, and on the walls. Using pots, you can decorate sea bases with all sorts of greenery. Compartments can also be decorated with ‘Living Walls’ – lush green panels.


LED Lightsticks are a great new way to light up areas while exploring. While held, a Lighstick illuminates the area around you. When placed on the seabed, the Lighstick can light up wide areas.

Night time can now be made a little less scary – Near your base, at least. Use Floodlights and Spotlights to illuminate areas around bases. Don’t forget to replace floodlight batteries!


Spotlights will automatically track nearby predators. This is a great way to avoid being ambushed by Stalkers at night!


The Farming Update introduces abandoned bases. These relics of unknown earlier explorers can be found scattered around the world. Explore abandoned bases and scan their contents to discover new technology!


Lots of creatures and plants can be stored in new Large Aquariums. These giant modules take up almost an entire large compartment. If you build them inside two stacked compartments, they will act as a glass floor for the upper level. Enter a Large Aquarium by building a hatch on the glass. Once inside, you can plant seeds and release captive creatures.


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