Earth’s Oceans Need You

Posted by acedude 6 years ago

You saved the underwater world of planet 4546B. Here on Earth, our own oceans need your help. This weekend, we are joining forces with Valve and the ocean charity Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC). 15% of Unknown Worlds’ profits from the sales of Subnautica will go to WDC.

4546B is a world covered in water. Earth is not so different: 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. Startlingly, that water contains around 90% of the Earth’s biomass. That means that there is far more life under the water than above it: Out of sight, and often out of mind.

Agricultural runoff, drag-net fishing, deforestation, plastic waste, even acidification via increased carbon-dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Earth’s oceans are taking damage from multiple sources. Life below the waves is dying, shrinking, and disappearing.

We made a game that takes you to an alien world, a world that needs your help. You saved that world. This weekend, we ask that you think about ways in which you can help to save the Earth.

About WDC

WDC is a global organisation that works to:

  • Create healthy seas, including tackling plastic pollution in our oceans
  • Put an end to hunting and commercial whaling
  • Tackle bycatch, an accidental entanglement in fishing gear, which kills an estimated 300,000 whales and dolphins every year
  • End the cruel practice of keeping whales and dolphins in captivity

You can find out more at and follow WDC on twitter at @WHALES_org. In the United States, WDC is registered under charity number 1014705.


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