Dangerous Creatures Video


This mysterious creature can be found lurking in just about any biome. While it may be mesmerizing, do not let your guard down. It throws warp globes that can then teleport the player closer (often within attacking range). This strange creature also has a pair of scythe arms that pack a punch. Warpers can even teleport players out of vehicles to make them easier targets. Lastly, the Warper enjoys playing with its prey by opening up portals, allowing other nearby deadly creatures to get closer to you.

Ghost & Crimson Ray

These hautingly beautiful birds of the sea can be seen gliding through their respective biomes. As peaceful as they are beautiful, the Crimson Ray can be found in the Lava Zone and the Ghost Ray can be seen in the new Lost River Zone.

The Final Abandoned Base

For your exploring pleasure comes the third and final Abandoned base in the world of Subnautica. Beware the new inhabitants of this base - Crabsquids may be cool to look at but don't touch.

Other Additions

Kyanite Crystal

This blue crystal can be found in the Lava Zone, only drillable with a PRAWN suit. Used as an ingredient in crafting the PRAWN Suit Jump Jet upgrade & the Thermal Reactor.

Heat Damage

Craft a Reinforced Dive Suit to protect yourself from the now dangerous thermal areas. It's now possible to unlock the suit, which you'll want when you realize touching magma now causes damage!

Main Menu Logo

The main menu now has a fancy 3D Subnautica logo! Feel free to bask in it's perfectly-rendered glory longer than you normally would.

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