Cyclops Submarine Released

Posted by acedude 9 years ago

A giant drive-able submarine featuring a submersible launch bay, dive chamber, and more is now available in Subnautica. Play with it now by purchasing Subnautica on Steam. The Cyclops is over 50 meters long, has multiple decks, and enables you to explore the ocean further and deeper than ever before.


Build a Cyclops submarine using the Constructor. Craft a Constructor at the Fabricator on your Lifepod, and then feed the required resources into the Constructor. The Cyclops will form above the water surface, before crashing down ready for you to board.


The Cyclops has two decks. The lower deck houses the dive chamber, a modular storage compartment, a Seamoth submersible docking bay and a companionway in the stern that leads to the engine room on the main deck. The main deck includes the bridge with helm station, a large compartment ready for the installation of modules, the entry hatch for docked Seamoth submersibles, and the engine room with main engine and propshaft.

Inside the Cyclops you will find quite a bit of space that is not currently used. This is deliberate, and allows you to customize the submarine with your own desired fit-out of modular components. At the moment, the only module available is the Fabricator. As Subnautica Early Access progresses, more modules will become available.


Speaking of Early Access – Remember that the Cyclops is not a finished product! You will encounter many bugs, some of them monumental. For example, save & load functionality is likely to break. Navigating the Cyclops is currently extremely difficult, as we are still iterating on possible control schemes and physics models. Creatures hitting the Cyclops can cause frustrating physics bugs. There will be more problems.

Despite all that, there is so much fun to be had with this massive underwater machine. Below a depth of 100 meters, collisions may cause hull breaches, causing the submarine to flood and forcing you to repair damage using a Welder. This race against time, with sirens blaring and warning lights flashing, can be seriously intense.


Deep and remote areas are much more accessible with the help of a Cyclops submarine. It currently features an infinite oxygen supply, allowing you to use it as a home base for crafting and repair during adventures in caves, canyons and plateaus far from the Lifepod fabricator and oxygen from the ocean surface.


If you purchased Subnautica Special Edition, you may now place your Special Edition hull plate, complete with unique hull number and date of purchase. If you encounter issues with your Special Edition hull plate, please post them in this thread and Hugh and Lukas will help you out.


Of all the features so far added to Subnautica Early Access, the Cyclops is probably the most exciting and complex. It is brimming with gameplay potential and is open to all sorts of expansion as Subnautica develops. We hope you have a blast playing with it as it is developed! Sign up to the development mailing list to receive word on updates, get a copy of Subnautica on Steam, and check up on development team progress by visiting the Subnautica Trello board.

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