Cuddle Fish Update Released

Posted by acedude 7 years ago

Your new best friend has arrived. The Cuddle Fish Update has been released on Steam!

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The Cuddle Fish is an adorable companion creature. You may find Cuddle Fish eggs hidden around the world. Those eggs can be incubated in an Alien Containment module, and will eventually hatch into a Cuddle Fish.

Right click on the Cuddle Fish to tell it to follow you on your adventures. Right click again to tell it to stay in one place. Left click to interact with the Cuddle Fish in various ways – It loves snacks!

The Cuddle Fish Update also includes upgrades to vehicle Head-Up-Displays (HUDs). The Seamoth, Prawn, and remotely operated cameras on both Cyclops and Scanner Room all have new HUDs.


The new Seamoth HUD

The new remote camera HUD

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