Subnautica Crash Sequence

Telling a Story

Many of these additions are part of a larger effort to build upon the story within Subnautica. In coming updates, more elements will be added in developing the game story. Keep your eyes open for more opportunities to delve deeper into the lore of Subnautica

Additions & Improvements

Fire extinguisher

Keep your base safe from fires with a fire extinguisher. Currently, it's use is limited, but we're excited about the gameplay potential for this craftable item. Someday it may protect against in-base fires or allow access to previously blocked areas of the game.

Communications Relay

Repairing your radio now allows for incoming communications, which will come in handy as we further develop the story of Subnautica.

Medical cabinet

Previously just decoration, the medical cabinet now contains medical kits that respawn every 30 minutes. Important item to have at home if exploring dangerous areas, be sure to add one to your Seabase.

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