Subnautica Micro Update Released

Posted by Donya 3 days ago

Hello, Subnauts. A new update has just been released for Subnautica on the Steam, Epic, and Discord stores. We want to thank you all once again for your continued feedback. This update contains further bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements.

Players accessing Subnautica on the Epic and Discord store might find that the game will take a little longer than usual to load for the first time. This is due to us automatically migrating your saved games to a new location. We hope that this update continues to improve the Subnautica experience for you all.

And please keep sending us your feedback! We’d love to hear from you via the in-game feedback system (press F8 while playing), here on our forums


Subnautica: Below Zero Salad Days Update

Posted by Donya 1 month ago
Marguerit's greenhouse

A new update has arrived for Subnautica: Below Zero Early Access. Dig in to the Salad Days update, which features the latest additions to Below Zero’s revamped story, as well as new unique plants and recipes, expressive player emotes, additional biome polish and update locations, and much more. Visit the Salad Days website to discover more!

  • Visit Marguerit’s Greenhouse and uncover unique plants and all-new salad recipes
  • React to the changing environment of Planet 4546B with player emotes
  • Interact with the Recyclotron and dismantle crafted objects to retrieve materials
  • Discover the bridge to Arctic Spires and a new accompanying cinematic
  • Experience the latest additions and clues to Below Zero’s revamped story
  • Scale the Below Zero UI with an additional slider

Subnautica: Below Zero State of the Project (May 2020)

Posted by david 3 months ago

Hello, Subnautica friends.

These are strange and challenging times we’re all living through.

I hope you and yours are staying healthy.  If you play Subnautica or Below Zero, I hope that our games bring you happiness and some kind of healthy distraction.

We recently released EA9.  Here’s a quick update on where we’re at:

  • The new story is just starting to come online.  You can start a new game, experience the new intro sequence, and check out the new voice actors brought in to play Robin and Sam.  We are much further along in planning than we are in implementation, and you can expect a lot more story content in the coming months.  For now, we hope you enjoy

Subnautica Xbox One Update

Posted by Donya 3 months ago

Xbox adventurers, we want to thank you for your patience while we brought our console development back in-house.

Our dedicated console team has been hard at work on some long-requested performance related bug fixes and improvements. They have also added save-game fixes with improved error messaging to provide more comprehensive feedback.

Here are all the changes included in this update:


  • Save game improvements and logging
  • Performance and lots of under-the-hood improvements
  • Improved world streaming: You should no longer be able to outrun terrain or fall through the world in a PRAWN suit
  • Incremental garbage collection added to help smooth out framerate
  • Hardcore mode: Low oxygen will no longer warn you
  • Added ability to switch users from main menu
  • Rocket

Subnautica: Below Zero Frostbite Update

Posted by Donya 3 months ago

A new update is available for Subnautica: Below Zero Early Access. This update features the latest update to the story, as well as an all new intro cinematic. A reworked Glacial Basin biome also awaits you as you return, plus the introduction of cold mechanics, and escalating weather conditions. Visit the Frostbite site to learn more!

  • Experience the beginning of an all-new story and intro cinematic
  • Explore the extensively reworked Glacial Basin
  • Interact with the new cold mechanics and avoid hypothermia
  • Discover new Snowball interactions with the Snow Stalkers
  • Encounter escalating weather conditions
  • Uncover further improvements and polish to existing biomes
  • Enjoy crisper, and more clear in-game text

New Story and Intro Cinematic

Start your brand new adventure on Planet


How We Approach Story

Posted by jill 4 months ago

Hi everyone,

Narrative Designer Jill here. As you know, we’re changing the story for Subnautica: Below Zero. I wanted to give you an idea of what goes into this process.

First, the basic requirements:

  • Our narrative since Subnautica has been delivered primarily by breaking the story into dozens of fragments and scattering them around the ocean floor.


A message in a bottle with an S.O.S tag.


  • In Subnautica: Below Zero, Robin is a speaking player protagonist with a lot to think and say compared to Ryley in Subnautica. In addition to a detailed personality and working inner-life, she needs a character arc that will develop as players play.
  • That implies some kind of linearity but only some. As a player, you need to be able

‘Go Play Inside’ for Action Against Hunger

Posted by Donya 4 months ago

Just as the Kharaa bacterium threatened Planet 4546B, our own planet is facing an unprecedented fight against COVID-19. Over the last few months, it has spread across the world and changed the way-of-life for many of us.

In some of the most vulnerable communities, where health systems are already under a heavy burden, the spread of COVID-19 is hitting hardest. Not-for-profit organization Action Against Hunger is stepping up in these communities to provide healthcare, and expand their water, sanitation, hygiene, and health programs to save more lives.

To support Action Against Hunger’s efforts, we have teamed up with fellow indie studios Motion Twin, Matt Makes Games, and Mouldy Toof Studios to create a “Go Play Inside” bundle on Steam.


Subnautica: Below Zero Story Changes and Save Games

Posted by david 5 months ago

Hey Below Zero fans!  Hope you are enjoying the Lost Ship update!

We’ve got lots of big changes coming soon to Early Access and wanted to give a quick heads-up before they start rolling in.


What you need to know:


  • The next Below Zero release will feature the new story in an early form.
  • Once the new story goes live, old saves will stop working.  You’ll have to start a new game.
  • (Steam) If you’re playing on the Steam main branch, you will be able to play your save games as usual until the next update. At this point, they will become unplayable and a new save game will need to be started.
  • (Steam) If you’re playing on

Subnautica: Below Zero Lost Ship Update

Posted by Donya 6 months ago
a crashed ship on the ocean floor

A new Early Access update for Subnautica: Below Zero is now available. Check out the Lost Ship Update Site to get the all the details! Your adventures will take you to the ocean floor and the mysterious wreckage of the Crashed Ship, where more secrets are waiting to be uncovered. There’s even more to explore in the Deep Lilypads biome, with only the luminescence of its native flower to guide you on your way.

And in the skies far above Planet 4546B, if you are lucky, you can encounter the unique and incredible phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis.

  • Explore the mysterious Crashed Ship
  • Interact with the playful Trivalve
  • Uncover the perilous Brinicles
  • Descend into the shadowy depths of Deep Lilypads

Subnautica: Below Zero Console Plans and Roadmap

Posted by david 8 months ago

Hey everybody!

People have been asking us what our plans are for Below Zero on consoles, and I’d like to expand a little on what has been happening on that front since my roadmap post in July!  

We are planning to ship Below Zero on Xbox One and PS4. Our goal is to ship simultaneously with PC v1.0, but it’s probably too soon to know if that’s realistic. We have more work to do to make Below Zero as good as it can be before releasing it on any platform.

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working to improve our console efforts in-house. We learned a lot from the process of taking Subnautica to Xbox and PS4 (with