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Build the modular Seatruck underwater utility vehicle

Meet the Seamonkey and Squidshark

Dive to the Deep Twisty Bridges & Thermal Spires biomes

Explore the Cargo Transfer Launchpad & surrounds

The Seatruck

The Seatruck is a modular Underwater Utility Vehicle. Start by building a cab, then add and remove modules based on your mission requirements. Each additional module slows the Seatruck down. A reversing camera is included as standard.

Seatruck Mission Modules


Provides a cockpit, propulsion and vehicle power source


Lockers for stashing sweet loot and equipment


Facilities for fabricating equipment while out on missions


Gently collects and stores small marine organisms

Hover / tap to see interiors

Explore new Biomes

Deep Twisty Bridges

a dark, red-accented region with depths exceeding 200 meters. Look out - Some of the plant life is not passive, and might ensnare you in the depths.

Thermal Spires

Towering ocean stacks spew a dark substance into the water, while Rockpunchers and Bonesharks roam.

New Friends & Threats


Introducing the cheekiest aquatic critter on planet 4546B: The Seamonkey. It will actively seek to steal your hard-won gear.

Seamonkeys form nests out of scrap metal and organic debris. Sometimes, they find and collect valuable artefacts.


A terrifying threat lurks in the darkness. Deep Twisty Bridges is home to the Squidshark, a large and aggressive apex predator.

Squidsharks will attack anything that comes close, enveloping prey in their tentacle jaws and spearing it with sharp mandibles.

Cargo Transfer Launchpad

Explore a richly detailed island, home to the Cargo Transfer Launchpad. Black sandy beaches, thermal pools, snow-dusted cliffs and intricate caves await you. At the peak, you will find a new Cargo Transfer Base along with attendant rocket launchpad.