Assistance Requested: Translations

Posted by acedude 7 years ago

Hi Subnautica is getting close to launch, and we would like to support as many languages as possible at launch. This is a big job, and we humbly request your assistance. Many of you speak a language other than English, which makes you a superhero: Your linguistic prowess could help people all around the world enjoy Subnautica.

We invite you to translate Subnautica into any language at our translation site: Inside, you can select a language and add translations for each text string presented by Subnautica.

You can also vote on existing translations to raise or lower their ranking.

Please be aware that we are not looking for automated translations via systems such as Google Translate.


We very much appreciate any assistance anyone is willing to give in preparing Subnautica for launch. We hope that by using this system, everyone will be able to play Subnautica in the language of their preference.

If you encounter any bug, then: 1) We are terribly sorry, and 2) we would love to hear from you. Get in contact with Lukas on Twitter and he will be on the case. Feel free to send general feedback as well!

– Hugh

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