A Huge Thank You to the Subnautica Community

Posted by Donya 5 years ago

In celebration of World Environment Day 2019, Subnautica went on sale as part of a Valve special event between June 5th and 8th. Unknown Worlds pledged to donate 15% of our profits from sales of the original Subnautica to the non-profit, the Ocean Cleanup.

Thanks to the efforts of the incredible and dedicated Subnautica community, we are pleased to announce that you were collectively able to raise $20,694.45 to donate to the Ocean Cleanups’ efforts to rid the world’s oceans of plastic.

We cannot express our gratitude enough for all of your help in making this donation possible. Just as you have all worked at eliminating the bacterium that threatened Planet 4546B, we are now able to make a contribution to doing the same with our home planet.

Keep on being awesome, Subnauts!

About The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup specifies the following objectives:

  • To develop and apply technologies (directly as well as indirectly) to remove – on a large scale – plastic pollution from the oceans;
  • To develop and apply technologies (directly as well as indirectly) to remove plastic pollution from waste streams to prevent it from reaching the oceans;
  • To increase social awareness of the pollution of the marine environment by plastic; and other acts which in the broadest sense relate or may be conducive to the aforesaid objectives.

Learn more about the Ocean Cleanup by following them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or by visiting their website!


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