A Flood of Dead Bugs

Posted by acedude 8 years ago

Some Subnautica updates are flashy, fancy, and full of fantastic features. Some of them are a little more low key, delivering subtle changes and improvements. Today, we’ve released an update of the latter kind. There is one new feature: the Flood Light. Otherwise, it’s chock full of dead bugs.

The Flood Light is a new craft-able item, added by Andi. When placed, it will illuminate a large area. You might find it particularly useful for illuminating work areas around Seabases at night. After the Aurora explodes, search for a Flood Light fragment in amongst the wreckage that flies out and lands on the sea floor.

Max has made a significant graphical improvement. Previously, lots of objects in the game were reflecting a Safe Shallows environment, no matter what biome they were actually in. Now, scenes appear more cohesive. He are two examples. First, a Seamoth in a Kelp Forest:


And second, a Seabase in a Grand Reef:


The full list of bugs squashed in this update is far too long to post here. There are over fifty of them, and you can see them all on the Subnautica Playtesting Trello board. Go there, and then scroll to the ‘Fixed & Tested Jan Patches’ list. Feast your eyes on the bug gore!


The Playtesting board is a great place to keep up to date on what issues are known, and being worked on. If you spot a problem not listed on the board, please let us know about it! Then, we can sink it in a future Subnautica Early Access update.

Happy diving!

– Hugh

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