Zen going big and development update

Posted by unknownworlds 17 years ago

Hey everyone,

Wow, Max’s blog entry created quite a stir. We got covered on dozens of news sites and had some pretty overwhelming site traffic. We weren’t sure if "opening the kimono" was going to be the right strategy, or even if dynamic infestation would excite anyone but I think we found out otherwise! So we’re going to try to keep sharing our work as much as possible. It doesn’t always come naturally, but I think we’ll get the hang of it.

So this week I finished Zen of Sudoku! I got the Steam SDK and build and tested the depots on my own local content server and sent it to VALVe. Their tools still have their quirks but once you know how use them, making depots and publishing new versions is cake. It’s just amazing and joyous to be able to fix a game crash bug one day, then release the game "internationally" to millions of people a day or two later. We are pretty excited about Steam and the possibilities for remaining independent and making enough money to make more exciting games. This will be a great test run for us.

Speaking of which…we’ll be live on Steam tomorrow! Here’s what the store front will look like:

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