I Will Never Forget This Weekend

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The words of alCalDe sum up the Natural Selection 2 World Championship for countless others. A superlative event, consisting of amazing players, tireless volunteers, memorable moments and transcending even the considerable the sum of those parts.

Dillon Savage

Dillon “WasabiOne” in the audience during the opening of the show

The Legendary Snails walked home to France with $5,000 prize money, Titus Gaming to North America with $2,500. Godar and Saunamen departed with honour and the respect of their opponents and every spectator. But these prizes were secondary, as the greatest rewards of the the Championship were undoubtedly the sense of comraderie and community that the event instilled in everyone that came close to it.

Natural Selection 2 World Championship

Godar playing in their Semi-Final match against Legendary Snails

The Natural Selection 2 World Championship was a ballet of intricate components: Players, casters, video creators, producers, camera operators, hosts, live audience, developers, animators, graphics designers, referees, logistics managers, sponsors, broadcasters, and more. Every piece came together perfectly, to create an event that surpassed all expectation.

Natural Selection 2 World Championship

Titus Gaming and Saunamen face off in their semi-final

Over 7.5 hours, 82,260 unique viewers tuned in to see some part of the Championship Finals. A maximum of 5,095 unique viewers watched play at any one time, and collectively 22,808 hours were watched.

Hugh Jeremy

Hugh interviews NS2 player Gisp in the audience

The World Championship brought together people from all over the world – Mod creators like Loki, playtest stalwarts like Explosif and MGS-3, UWE developers like Trac and Obraxis, competitive figures like WasabiOne, Reddog, and Blind.

Blind Reddog

Blind and Reddog introduce the opening match

Now that the event is finished, there is much still to be done. Over the coming days, every single match will be uploaded to YouTube.com/UnknownWorlds. Photo albums will be released. Post-event interviews will be aired. And a question will be discussed: Should there be and NS2WC 2015, and if so, how can it be even better?

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