Where do you all come from?

Posted by unknownworlds 12 years ago

We spend 99% of our time working to make Natural Selection 2 awesome, so we do not often think about ‘corporate’ stuff. We do however have an Unknown Worlds motto: ‘Unite the world through play.’ Throughout the development of NS2, there has always been the sense that the game was a global phenomenon.

Our office is a prime example. The majority may be US citizens, but we also have an Austrian, a Pole, and an Australian here in San Francisco. Offsite, Indonesia, France, the UK, and many more countries are all represented by full-time off-site developers. Our volunteer playtest group is a rainbow of nationalities, with a plurality of accents calling out ‘kill that Onos!’

Here is a graphic that proves that the phenomenon is very real in the broader playerbase. It is breakdown of three months of Steam sales data, showing per capita, total, and proportion of total by region:

Nine days to go!

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