Weekend Schedule 28/29 Sep

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This weekend on Twitch is packed with NSL (ensl.org) and AUSNS2 League (ausns2.org) matches. Watching competitive play is a great way to learn how to up your game – And talking smack in the chat with fellow NS2 players is always a blast. Because these matches take place all over the world, there is always at least a handful on in every timezone across the planet. Here is a summary:


EDIT: Note – The Seraphic v Singularity match is on Sunday, not Saturday (Saturday evening for US viewers). Thanks mattiji104 for noticing!

There are many more NSL matches happening, but because of the flexible nature of the NSL timetable they are not net tightly scheduled. Follow NS2, ReddogTV, WasabiOne, AusNS2, NSLNews, BlindNS and NS2HD on twitter for news of other matches starting.

Enjoy the play!

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