USS Pampanito

Posted by unknownworlds 16 years ago

Normally we look at games and movies for visual inspiration for our games. If we were making a more realistic, modern day game, we could use the many warehouses, alleys and buildings in our neighborhood, but with sci-fi, it’s a bit more difficult to find good reference.

So when we saw that the USS Pampanito was docked on Pier 45 and was open for tours, we jumped at the opportunity. While a submarine isn’t exactly right for the claustrophic indoor industrial environments in Natural Selection, it’s a good start.

I listened to the audio tour and got a bit swept up in the drama around depth charges, POWs and how 85 men could possibly live in such a small place for a weeks or months. Jason always gets excited about bolts, cables, dials and grates (as many artists do!) and took many pictures (Note: photos just replaced with higher-quality ones):

I feel lucky to have personally avoided fighting in wars and to even seek entertainment in simulating them.

On the NS2 front, can anyone guess what this is?

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