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This is a maintenance patch to fix some issues that cropped up from changes to the Valve back-end as well as our optimizations. Also some additional bug fixes! But best of all, you can now earn your Abyss Lerk skin by playing on METRO. Happy Hunting

Remember all sales of NS2 and DLC directly affect our development budget and allow our team to continue work on NS2.



  • Minor refactor how most achievements are granted


  • Fixed issue with dual core CPU users being unable to launch the game
  • Fixed issue with Abyss Lerk skin not being awarded after playing on Metro for 6 rounds of 5 minutes each.
  • Fix steam item granting failing
  • Fix steam-stats not updating in any context
  • Fix achievement unlock creating achievement and stats ‘dead-lock’ state and unable to update
  • Fixed new Mod IDs that passed the 32 bit mark and were incompatible with NS2.
  • Fixed missing damage numbers and hitsound when damaging an alien that had Mucous or Vampirism overshield.
  • Fixed alien players not getting client-side blood screen effects and damage indicator arrows when overshield (or Mucous) soaks up all taken damage.
  • Aliens should also now have ground blood decal effects and flinch when overshield (or Mucous) soaks up all damage.
  • Fixed main menu News overlapping with Mod menu after clicking Restart or applying mods

Fixed in 333 extension

These items were previously released as fixes in the UWE extension mod and have now been included with the games base code

  • Fix server crash when server was full and client tried to connect or clients forced-disconnect
  • Multiple Metro optimizations and tweaks
    • Slum occlusion improved
    • Tuned a few cinematics for slightly better performance
    • Fix Subway Hive player spawn stacking bug
  • Retry mechanism added for updating steam stats data (client-only change), this is to try and deal with some Steam api calls being slower during busy times.


  • Add -procaffinity to set the process thread affinity mask on startup to help debug core count bugs.
  • Added some additional logging to help with debugging core count bugs
  • Added verbose 1 & 2 logging to achievement, stats, and item actions

Known Issues

  • We’re aware that there are still some timeout issues remaining for dual core users mid gameplay and that servers can rarely incur a timeout for all clients on map change. These are our current top priorities to address ASAP.

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