Update 322 Live on Steam!

Posted by WasabiOne 6 years ago

Update 322 is now live on Steam! This update is primarily a maintenance patch. Over the last few months lots of new systems and features have been introduced to the game and with those additions have come some small issues and strange new bugs. Hopefully this update will address those reported issues and get us back on solid ground. The dev team continues its work on the UGC conversion from Steam Workshop which is slated for 323. Always more to come, including something very special that could come with 323 as well, so stay tuned!



  • Improved sentries slightly (contributed by Nin)
  • Prevent beeping noise while attacking and for 1.5 seconds afterwards
  • Speed up barrel swivel when it has a target so you’re not getting shot at by a sentry facing the other way
  • Add a delay after shooting at a target before starting to swivel and scan again
  • Always show tracers from sentries so that players better know where they are getting shot at from
  • Sentries will prioritize players over other things, and will shoot at the closest players. Previously, they would prioritize anything that wasn’t a cyst.
  • Hydras do not block each other’s line of sight anymore (contributed by Katzenfleisch)

Tweaks / Improvements

  • Tweaked some marine pickup icons to appear more stylistically consistent.  (Thanks Sinakuwolf!)
  • Metabolize is no longer a switchable weapon.  This means you cannot accidentally switch to it any longer, and can only use it via the MovementModifier key.
  • Drifter Eggs can now be issued orders that will be carried out by the drifter when it hatches.  Before, drifters could only be issued rally-points.
  • AI movers such as ARCs and movable alien structures like Crags would move on top of players, sometimes trapping them.
  • Tweaked the infestation shader slightly to better hide the hard edges of infestation circles.
  • Don’t show team resources for the Ready Room team at the scoreboard.


  • Fixed that servers could get stuck in a infinite loop while filling teams up with bots.
  • Fixed that bots were not removed properly after they got kicked.
  • Fixed an issue where ARCs would sometimes leave collision ghosts behind in PredictWorld.
  • Fixed that the “They Came From Behind!” achievement was granted in some incorrect circumstances.
  • Fixed that dying in an Exosuit would cause players to lose their unused grenades.
  • Fixed issue where some commander buttons would not work if multiple entities were selected, despite the button being visible.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the lines connecting queued orders in the commander interface would be connected in the wrong order.
  • Fixed issue where a marine’s welder and mines could be “stolen” from them at the map origin if that player was inside an exosuit.
  • Fixed an issue where the build tool would be stuck building if the player picked up a welder while they were building a structure.
  • Fixed an issue where players could be stuck attacking during a concede sequence.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong tech point would be visible during a concede sequence.
  • Fixed an issue where MACs could not be told to repair destroyed power nodes.
  • Fixed an issue where MACs would sometimes disregard their orders to move to some previous location.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes clicking the “refresh” button in the server browser would cause the game to crash.
  • Fixed an issue where deploying an ARC would prevent all future corrosion damage to the ARC, including after un-deploying the ARC.
  • Fixed a script error occuring if an Onos died while using stampede.
  • Fixed that gorges couldn’t recycle the second tunnel entrance they placed (contributed to Katzenfleisch)
  • Fixed a script error that occured if a marine had no active weapon (contributed to Katzenfleisch)
  • Fixed various text positioning/visibility bugs of the GUIChat (contributed by Person8880)
  • Fixed that the marine commander action notifications below the minimap often did not  display the correct location name.


  • Fixed the reflections in ns2_veil.


  • Editor
    • Exposed antialiasing and ambient occlusion settings for the map Editor.
    • Changed some popup messages to be console messages instead.
  • Added debug utility methods to simplify dealing with upvalues (locals inside method/file scope) (contributed by Las)
    • Please read core/lua/DebugUtility.md for more details!

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