Update 296 Released!

Posted by WasabiOne 8 years ago

Wake up Marine! Time to get into action and learn your objectives. Trevor and many team and community members have been hard at work on our tutorial system and it’s time to release it into the wild. This new tutorial offers a better way of progression through the basics of NS2 for both marines and aliens and also helps new players understand the many complexities that the game offers. We couldn’t be more excited to see how this turns out and we’ve even hidden some fun Easter eggs throughout both tutorials, see if you can find them all 🙂

There is still more to come and next week we look at our continued efforts to spice things up a bit, so stay tuned 😉


Tweaks / Improvements

  • Replaced the old tutorial with two brand new tutorials.
    • One for each team
    • Each takes place at a different map
    • Designed to be interactive and less linear
    • New script/story
    • New UI
    • New animations
    • Two sets of Voiceovers (A/B test)
    • Include two new secret achievements
  • New Hive Status UI added which displays the following details:
    • Type of each Hive
    • Health point of the each Hives
    • Location of each Hive
    • Number of eggs located at each Hive
    • Displays which Hive is occupied by the commander
    • Only shows Locations that contain a TechPoint
    • Shows if Eggs and Hive are taking damage  
    • Can be toggled via the HUD detail setting
  • Moved Team Resources UI screen position for Aliens to accommodate new Hive UI
  • Moved Personal Upgrades UI screen position to accommodate new Hive UI
  • Removed Biomass UI fade in/out animation. It now instantly shows and disappears
  • Steam Personas will no longer be changed by the game without player intent
  • Added contextual on-click events to new player checklist in the Main Menu
  • Normal achievements can’t be received at a listen server any longer


  • Fixed black-screen on load issue for Windows 7 and some Linux clients could encounter when running a listen server, which was caused by incorrectly sized UDP packets.
  • Fixed net_log debugging command not being applied to Listen Servers.
  • Fixed script error that occured when killing a Command Station


Map fixes from Loki and Zavaro. Thanks guys!

  • Biodome
    • Fixed OcclusionGeometry in Atmospheric which was mistakenly added as CommanderInvisible
  • Derelict
    • Fixed stuck spot in Turbine
  • Docking
    • Fixed layers to contain appropriate geometry, assets, and lights
    • Fixed leftover geo from previous builds including extra faces and vertices
    • Fixed pathing mesh in Courtyard
  • Eclipse
    • Fixed CollisionGeometry in Generator Monitors vent to prevent people from accidentally falling through
  • Kodiak
    • Marine Start holo table is now flush with the floor
    • Fixed some holes in the Biodomes
  • Refinery
    • Fixed pathing mesh in Chasm to stop AI from getting stuck

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