Update 294 Released on Steam!

Posted by WasabiOne 8 years ago

Fellow Chompers and Frontiersmen,

Today we introduce a new (small) gameplay change! One of our goals is to ‘shake up’ certain elements of gameplay- be it long standing balance issues, tech that has become obsolete, or barriers that cause excessive hardship to newer players. In update 294, we’re making what will be hopefully the first of several new gameplay tweaks.

We’re changing medpacks from 50 instant healing to 25 instant healing and 25 healing-over-time (the course of one second). Medpacks will still cost 1 res. What’s the point of splitting the healing like this, you ask?

The target of this change is excessive combat med spam. Currently it’s fairly common to med spam marines through engagements and one of the longtime ideas to fix this for has been to increase the res cost of medpacks- but if you do this, things like Lerk spikes or marine comebacks or larger servers become overly difficult. This change is aimed strike a balance somewhere in between- you’ll still be able to ‘hero spam’ a marine with twice as many medpacks to achieve the same combat healing you could before, but it will be more costly to your economy. However, having the heal-over-time element will still allow marine commanders to heal their team from chip damage or when they are struggling on a low res economy for the same 1 t-res amount previously.

We’ll be watching this closely and look forward to hearing your feedback!



Tweaks / Improvements

  • Kick reasons are now communicated to the client via the popup in the main menu
  • The “NS2” gamemode tag is now selected by default at the server browser instead of the “All” tab
  • Bots now directly join their team instead of waiting the Ready Room
  • Medpack:
    • Decreased direct heal from 50 health points to 25
    • Added a regeneration effect healing 25 health points per second:
      • Each medpack adds 1 sec regeneration
      • Multiple medpacks stack the regeneration time wise until the maximum health is reached
      • The health value regeneration will reach is shown green health bar
    • Lowered the pickup cool down from 0.56 seconds to 0.45


  • Fixed that sometimes a commander bot joined a team in rookie only even though the team already has a human commander.


  • Server can now indicate a kick reason when calling Server.DisconnectClient

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