Update 293 Released!

Posted by WasabiOne 8 years ago
Update 293

In our newest release we take a look back or should I say forward at marine Exo Suit. Our approach with this update was to improve the quality of life use for the Exo and the players interactions with using it. So suit up and join the fight against the alien scum and we’ll see you on the other side!


Tweaks / Improvements

  • Exosuits have had a Quality of Life pass
    • While deploying, your view is no longer locked and you are frozen for less time to better match the animations
    • You can eject instantly, and it will throw you more in the direction you are looking. You can even use it to get to some vents!
    • Subnautica has floodlights, why not NS2? The exo’s flashlight stays on after ejecting, turning it into a very expensive floodlight
    • Parasite state of the exo is tracked separately from a marine, and fixed inconsistencies with this (Thanks Dragon!)
    • Parasite status is now shown on the exo screen next to the armor display
    • You can no longer steal someone’s Exo if they buy a Jetpack until after 30 seconds has passed
    • You can now thrust in any direction
    • If you press the thrust button before the fuel bar is full, as long as you continue to hold it it will thrust when able (similar to how jump-queueing works as a Skulk)
  • Primed power nodes will now unlock if a Command Chair is in the room
  • Changed a few achievements slightly:
    • Lowered the required amount of the “Destroy X Resource Towers” achievements by 5 as it’s too unlikely to destroy 15 of them in a single round
    • Constructing 33 % of a structure will count now as having build that structure to avoid race conditions against other team members
    • You also defend a Resource tower now by killing an enemy close to it instead of having to stand close to it yourself


  • Fixed Server Browser not sorting by “Favorites” by default
  • Fixed references to Exosuits as Exoskeletons in some of the hint text and commander UI

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