Update 290 Released

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Hi everyone! A new Natural Selection 2 update has been released on Steam. This is a small update, and contains some tweaks to the tutorial and some great community contributed bug fixes.

Before I get to the changelog, this is an opportune moment to share some other good news. For the past three months, UWE has been running an experimental project with a paid, in-house NS2 development team.

Last week Amanda, Brock, Dillon, Scott, Sebastian, Skyler and Trevor gathered and presented the results of their efforts. Those results were very positive. UWE has decided to proceed with an extension of the project for another three months.

Back on topic, here’s what changed in Update 290:

Update 290 Changelog

Tweaks / Improvements
Re-recorded all Tutorial voice-overs
Added Voice-over mute option in Tutorial

Fixed Onos and Skulk albino view-model showing incorrect texture (Thanks Samusdroid!)
Fixed issue with Death Triggers that caused them to kill entities not in the triggers!!!

Fixed Overview including special groups (Seasonals) in tga file (Thanks Salads!)
Added support for LaunchPad to load specific project on start: -o [path to mod.settings] (Thanks Salads!)

Mix-master Zavaro is at it again! Thanks Zavaro for contributing all these fixes and improvements!

Fixed an issue where OcclusionGeometry clipped through world in Platform
Fixed an issue where OcclusionGeometry where detail props would disappear in Bioreactors
Fixed an issue where OcclusionGeometry clipped through world in Filtration
Fixed an issue with Atmospheric and Condensers not extending their locations to a conjoined room

Fixed hole in Atmospheric Seeding allowing players to see outside the map
Fixed hole in floor of Turbine allowing players to see outside the map
Fixed face jutting out of floor in Turbine
Fixed OcclusionGeometry in Turbine from showing on minimap
Duplicated and rotated proximity field textures to create cohesion in visual styles between maps

Updated Reflection Probes

Fixed CommanderBuild group in Crossroads to better accurately reflect floor and walls
Fixed CommanderNoBuild in Crevice

Fixed CollisionGeometry on railing in Ore Processing to better accurately reflect prop locations
Added CollisionGeometry to Ore Processing vent to keep players from getting stuck
Fixed holes in Hub allowing players to see into North Tunnels through the walls

Fixed Y-Junction location name on minimap to intended Y Junction name
Added OcclusionGeometry in Cargo to block Gorge Tunnels from being visible
Fixed floating crates and other props in Cargo

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