Update 289 Now Live!

Posted by WasabiOne 8 years ago
Update 289

Hi everyone!

It seems like only yesterday that we released update 288, wait a minute?!? It was 🙂 (almost). Hot off the heels of one update comes yet another. This time there is even more under the hood adjustments and tools for us to make the deployment of new features easier. The team has been discussing and debating many suggestions by the community on ways to adjust lifeforms and new player traps. We will continue to discuss and evaluate these over the next couple weeks. For now there are some minor adjustments you will see listed in the changelog, plus a handful of fixes and map repairs. See you all on the servers!


Tweaks / Improvements

  • Added the ability for UWE to apply hotfixes to the main menu without releasing a full steam patch
  • Added the ability to spotlight mods in the main menu
  • Removed excessive padding from the rookie-nag popup and removed the “Remind Me Later” option
  • Discord button will now drop people in #general, to get them talking
  • Swapped Gorge and Skulk positions in the evolve menu so new players are less likely to think the Gorge is “better”
  • Added quick-link to Community Market in Customize screen
  • Revamped the scoring numbers:
    • Each entity gives now about half of its resource costs as points
    • Primary game objectives like Command-, Resource Structure and Power Nodes give a bonus of 10 points
    • Secondary game objectives like Gorge Tunnels, Observatories, Phase Gates, Infantry Portal and Alien Upgrade Structures give a bonus of 5 points.
    • Player give a bonus of half the points they have collected in their current life.


  • Play Now window now only reports having found servers that it will actually try to join
  • Sped up initial welder animation after purchasing at an armory
  • Welder will no longer play its initial animation if you picked it up off the ground
  • Fixed initial welder animation playing multiple times if you switched weapons before it finished
  • Reaper Gorge now works with the correct item (it was unlocking with the Reaper Skulk before)


Awesome QoL changes, brought to you by Zavaro (send him thank you cookies)!

Retooled CollisionGeometry in Courtyard to better accurately portray props

Corrected minimap names from appearing in less than ideal locations
Changed collidable wires in Topographical to non-collidable for consistency
Fixed an issue with Skylights location bleeding into Command
Removed tiny duplicated orphaned Cargo forcefield face
Added new shader-based proximity material to Cargo forcefield, making it more forcefield-y. Shiny

Added new shader-based proximity material to Shuttle Bay forcefield, making it more forcefield-y. Also shiny
Added prop lights to better differentiate room from external area beyond forcefield

Fixed missing faces in Ore Processing allowing players to see through the floor

Fixed a few missing faces in Turbines from previous build (Whoops!)

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