Upcoming NS2 Events

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Gorgeous is out in the wild being Gorgeous. So now, we can sit back and do nothing! Kidding of course, there are two massive events coming up for the NS2 community.

PAX East 2013 (March 22)

We’re going back to PAX, and this time, we are throwing a massive party that anyone can participate in. We can’t tell you what it is yet, but it will be announced on Monday, 18 March.

The idea behind this super-secret party is to allow everyone in the NS2 community to enjoy what PAX represents: Coming together and meeting people through games. Can you guess what it is?

More details

NSL Invitational Grand Final (April 12)

It does not get bigger than this. Final preparations are underway for the event on April 12. Live studio audience, $7,300 prize pool, teams flying from across the European Union and the United States. The whole show is being livestreamed to twitch.tv/naturalselection2 and there is still space in the live studio audience! Mingle with UWE developers, community casters, Archaea and Nexzil players, and of course fellow NS2 players!

More details

Join in!

Both these events have been designed to make sure that everyone in the NS2 community can participate. PAX – East through the soon to beĀ announcedĀ super duper secret party thingy, and the NSL Grand Final via the live stream and live studio audience. Everyone at UWE hopes you’ll have fun with these events!

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