Unknown Worlds Podcast #24 – NS2 First Prototypes

Posted by unknownworlds 16 years ago

Hey everyone,

This week we’re happy to show you some mockups we’ve been working on. These screens show our idea of what the marine commander view, the alien first-person view and the marine buy menu might look like. These aren’t screenshots – they are Photoshop mockups that we created to experiment and iterate quickly.

Creating mockups like this allows us to think outside the box without being constrained by what is we know is technically easy or feasible. For instance, blurring out the background when the marine is in buying equipment is something a programmer probably wouldn’t opt to spend time on, but seems to be clearer for players and more visually compelling. Allowing ourselves the freedom to "think big" gives us a chance for realizing our ultimate goals. Just because it’s in the prototype doesn’t mean we have to do it of course, but it sets our sights high.

You’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out about the gameplay details these screens imply!

Download (15.6M)

To reiterate – these are NOT screenshots but mockups. Enjoy!

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